While there have been many great aspects of the past two weeks, it has also been quite an exhausting fortnight what with Tom gone all last week and Oliver now sick (we were up all night). I had a physical this morning and as my doc -I call him vampire- likes to do bloodwork after fasting, I had not eaten since dinner last night and by 9:30 this morning was pretty darn hungry. His office is next door to Baked & Wired; if you're from DC, you might know what an awesome coffee shop and bakery this is. If not, you might have read my rhapsodic waxings about it previously. Anyway, I picked up a piece of quiche (spinach!) and a coffee to enjoy as soon as I got the OK. Oliver was starting to look a bit peaked, so I wanted to hurry things along. As soon as the nurse finished sucking one million vials of blood, I started eating. My doc came in and said, "wow, that looks rich. How do you stay trim eating that stuff?" I ignored that comment. After he listened to my lungs and such, I hopped off the table and scooped Oliver up just as he threw up. Fortunately, I caught everything in one of those doctor bed cloth thingys. You would think anyone watching this situation would throw me a bone, but Dr proceeded to tell me that he noticed a little extra around my middle and maybe I should watch the rich diet. In fact, he said, I'd gained three pounds since last fall.

People, I am 5'5" and weigh 121 pounds. While my torso definitely lacks some definition and the wrong-cut jean can give me a bit of a muffin-top, I don't think I'm going to be crane-lifted out of my home anytime soon. I've got two kids, haven't slept in two weeks, thusly do not always have the energy or interest in exercising, like to cook and eat and had 2 champagne cocktails and some wine last night in celebration of T. As well, having done the whole NYC thing, I've not a shred of interest in egg-white omelets and fat-free cheese anymore. What is fat-free cheese? Is it cheese? I'm not sure. I eat three meals a day, rarely snack and do exercise as often as I can. I have to tell you that I am considering changing doctors as I really felt that the comments this morning were inappropriate. Of course a doctor should bring up any concerns, but I'm not thinking I'm in a danger category right now. I savored every bite of quiche right in front of him.