Inauspicious starts to this Friday

Midnight: I couldn't get to sleep so took something helpful.3:20am: Oliver pads in and smells. "I frew up all over my orange and white and green carpet AND my clean white shirt. Wah!" Me: "It's OK, honey, go wash your hands and brush your teeth, and we'll clean it up." Too much pizza and ice cream? 6:40am: Ol climbs back in bed with us, happy as a clam. I note that there is dried puke on my sheets. Terrif. 9:20am: Completely gaga, I head up to the boys' rooms to see just how long cleaning them (each of them cleaning; not me) is going to take. What do I see on Oliver's floor? Poop. Percy, BAD DOG, has decided to relieve himself next to Ol's rocking chair. 9:28am: To the basement to drag the water vac upstairs. 9:30am: Jack throws minor tantrum because I ask him to make his bad AND pick up his clothes. I give him the evil eye.

Fun-time update at 9:51am: I find cat puke in the laundry pile.

It's gonna be a looong, gross day.