In a Robert Frost poem?

We woke up to the most gorgeous, serene white wonderland, and nearly seven hours later, it's only just stopped snowing. What a treat for us (though I do hope we get home easily tomorrow) who have not seen much in the way of snow for the past couple years. The boys are in heaven, especially when told they'd be going sledding today. Waaaah!?!?! T and I took them to the Kidz Club before treating ourselves to a workout and massage. I cannot even tell you how good both felt, and I'm now enjoying a cup of tea, quietly, whilst watching the snowy landscape move gently in the wind outside. It is unfortunate that my nose is running like a faucet but not as unfortunate as having been up most of the night because I was so stopped up I couldn't breathe unless I sat straight up. Blimey. But today has thus far been rejuvenative, and I know the boys have had a ball at their day camp. I miss them and we'll go pick them up soon.

In the meantime, I was able to snap these lovely landscapes as T drove us around, stopping whenever I exclaimed over a sight. Sweet man.

horses pulling a sleighsnow-frosted tree snow-laden fir snowy landscape, Nemacolin