I miss cooking!

Though I was able to churn out a quick dinner last night, I've not stopped today except for the hour of 9-10am when I had Pilates and promised myself I'd really be there and be present. Jack went home with a friend after school, and Ol and I have been hanging since noon. I sure wish he'd consider napping even once a week these days. As the day inches along towards its end, the hours sure start to seem long. We've had such a fun day but I'd be less tired if I'd been hopping on one leg this whole time. Tonight is Jack's Back to School Night, so dinner will be on the run at a meeting I have beforehand. As such I am seriously looking forward to tomorrow morning which I will spend alone in my kitchen baking an amazing cake and a dozen scones for a small catering order and spending time choosing and then making a lovely dinner for T and me. Aah. And then my class on Saturday morning- that will be wonderful and it'll be a treat to have to be surrounded by pots, pans, knives, and food.