I love my "new" pantry

newly reorganized pantry People, this was a bigger job than I expected, and it required a second trip to The Container Store (for BPA-free canisters and baskets; I'm so glad they have such a good supply of relatively eco stuff), but I am feeling pretty good about the new organization which incorporates frequency of use and importance. I also got to pull out my trusty label-maker which is always a treat.

Lest you think I am unaware, I am, on the contrary, fully cognizant of just how much Type-A'ness oozes from this photo.

The other day in the car, the boys were chattering on about something made-up in the backseat. I overheard Oliver say he HAD to get the castrator. As you might imagine, my ears perked up in a 911 sort of way (not least because of the penile misadventure of three weeks back), and I asked him what he'd said. Thank God Jack understands all Oliver-speak because he translated castrator accurately as cash register. #momsighofrelief #nowfunnymisunderstanding