I feel peevish, Ryan (and Romney) is an ass-wipe, great cheese

Really, friends?! I fancy myself a wordsmith, but even I have trouble properly and accurately articulating the all-encompassing douche-bagginess of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Jesus H Christ, people. They are lying sacks of wimpy lies. Did y'all see that Ryan "ramrodded his way" into a closed soup kitchen in Ohio last week to snag a photo opp. Problem, in addition to the kitchen's closed status (meaning there was nobody there)? The photo opp shows Ryan washing dishes that had ALREADY BEEN CLEANED. See here for yourself if you doubt the veracity of this literally unbelievable story. How can this guy call himself a Christian? How can he go on and on about what exceptional men he and Romney are when they lie constantly. See here for evidence of the seemingly innumerable lies Romney vomited out at the first debate. How can you feel you've won when all you did was pontificate falsehoods?? Both of these guys SUCK. So does the MD driver who had this bumper sticker on his car: "No Amnesty. Defend Arizona." Really? REALLY? That state is whacked.

Also, why do parsnips leave seriously annoying strings stuck between your teeth? If I wanted to floss with rope, I would. But I don't.

I am in the sort of mood Tom has coined "no-nonsense dawg." Yes I am. People are lying bad drivers who need to get an effing clue about who really needs what in this country and also they need to take drivers ed or have their licenses rescinded.

OK, a great cheese: Grayson by Meadowcreek (a VA dairy). Stinky in the best way, rind is lovely, interior lovelier. Get some!