I am a machine, ball-for-Bourbon

8 pounds of beets: roasted, peeled, chopped into ½" cubes12 pounds of potatoes: steamed, peeled, chopped, dressed 24 oz vinaigrette made for beets 2 aged goat cheese and leek tarts made 1 tomato pie baked 2 bunches of watercress: cleaned, prepped tarragon mayonnaise made 3 loaves of bread: crusts removed 2 cheesecakes: made, awaiting strawberry topping 1 roast chicken: meat removed from bones, shredded

1 take-out dinner: brought home by hubs

1,000 word article finally finished (again) and submitted

1 ice ball -is this not the coolest ice ever?!: slowly making Jefferson bourbon that much more drinkable

ice ball

Good day to you all!

PS- if you want these ice balls for your cocktails, which I highly suggest, grab a pair of molds via amazon or a housewares store. They're made by Tovolo.