Hubs is home, tired as get-out

Seeing T walk through the door added three months back to my life, so happy and relieved felt I. I was sad to have a meeting tonight because I really just wanted to snuggle in with him, but while I was out he got his Breaking Bad fix and built Ol's birthday bike, even personalizing it by replacing the original handlebar pads with bright orange ones, Mr. O's favorite color. I am so tired I can hardly type but hey, there's a new pope in town. He's South American, he's Jesuit, he's an advocate for the poor. Amen! I think the fact that he has an Italian last name iced the cake. And even though I think there's something fishy about the Vatican and its inner workings, I do find the whole conclave and white smoke business cool in a steeped-in-tradition kinda way.