Honey-Bourbon hot toddy

Upon rereading the punch recipe, I realized that on this cold evening, I was just more inclined towards something warming, and I hated to give up on toddies because of one lame one. So, I looked to Andrew Knowlton, a foodie who writes for Bon Appetit and who, as a complete aside, is kinda hot (yes, my dear hubby knows I think that; cool down). He recently wrote a brief piece on an Apple Bourbon-Honey hot toddy that sounded great. As I have no apple bourbon here nor three days to make it, I was relieved to see that you could sub regular old bourbon. Now this is a winter drink that's worth making: bourbon, honey, lemon zest, a cinnamon stick and hot water. Comfort in a mug (as are most things often served in a mug). I had leftovers for din, made the dressing base for our cornbread dressing, froze the pie and am now off to sit a spell on the couch with Mr. Pug. (Apple) Bourbon-Honey Hot Toddy- serves 2

scant 2 T honey (in my opinion, less is more) 6 T bourbon (if using apple bourbon, use just 1 T honey) 1 cinnamon stick 3.5" strip lemon peel 1 c very hot water

Mix honey and hot water until honey is dissolved. Add cinnamon stick and bourbon and pour hot water in. Stir. Enjoy. ~~ You know when you say or write a word many times in a row and it starts to seem weird? In this post, I hit my limit on bourbon and it now seems odd. Does this happen to y'all? No, I'm not tipsy.