Home, wonderful book for parents of boys

I read an entire book today and six chapters of a second. People, this has not happened for 6½ years, and Nora Ephron's Heartburn is absolutely fabulous. You should read it immediately. I could not and did not put it down, actually reading while walking through the airport at one point. And such laser-like reading was an excellent tool for avoiding eye contact with the extremely nice but out-of-control chatty guy in the middle seat next to me. Wow. His wife immediately went to sleep and he made cheese-tastic small talk at every opportunity except when he was eating Panda Express as if he were breaking a long-term fast. Oy!

I encountered such a wild array of folks today. First was the extremely small and seemingly quite irritated MIA mini-me: the hair, the glasses, the outfit, wow! Then there was the elderly business man with Louis Vuitton bags hanging from every appendage- in the outside pocket of his roller bag but in full view was a Glamour magazine. Interesting reading choice for this guy. And then there were the two passengers sitting in the row in front of me. Huge! Previously-unseen aggressive seat shifting and reclining. I swear to god I thought my face was going to get smashed in. Fortunately, they calmed down.

Who thinks Misty May's tramp stamp is super(!) big?! Wow! But she and Kerri are great!

T and I grilled paninis for dinner, and although I made the poor decision to schedule a fasting-required, new patient appointment with an internist tomorrow (recall my firing of the previous doc) for 8-flipping-am tomorrow, we are watching the Olympics and enjoying a nice bottle of red.

Oh, parents of boys, great book!