Home; almost 3

Peeps, it's been sleeting and snowing all day in DC. Three of Tom's flights home were cancelled before he finally got on standby. His bags -with my Barneys Outlet shoes!- are still missing. I think nothing more needs to be said about the fact that no one has welcomed this late-stage frozen fest with joy; however, I and my now-less-sunburned legs know that the sun is a real and magnificent thing and that surely, sometime, it will come visit DC. That is a happy fact.

Another happy fact is that T just pulled a fab pizza off the grill AND we have a Bill Maher from Friday to watch. Happy Sunday to us. The boys are asleep, the pets are quiet, we're opening a lovely Italian red, and I was able to "meet" (we call in, y'all) with my writing group for a wonderful, almost-two hours this afternoon.

Tomorrow school resumes for the final stretch- it's hard to believe that J is almost done with second grade. Wow. Hope y'all are well. You know what? Tomorrow, Em-i-lis celebrates three years! I'd LOVE to hear from you- what have you enjoyed/not enjoyed this year? What do you hope to see more of in the year ahead?