Holy shopping

Oh.My.God. This will sound pretty shallow, but I just had a thrilling shopping experience. Really. It was beyond. I was being assisted by a fashionable blast of a man, Prince, and then met up with a stunning mother of three from Colombia. Have three strangers ever had more fun?! I've mentioned before, although in daily life it'd be hard for y'all to believe, that I love/adore/am smitten with beautiful clothes and shoes. It always feels so dissonant to me, this passion, because I am most of the time gardening and composting in sweatpants (stylish ones I tell myself), looking for deals (I love coupons), cooking like a maniac, mom'ing to the max and trying to figure out how to fix climate change, poverty and the lack of rights some women have.

But other times, it feels really good to do something just for you, to put on make-up and a nice dress, banish the ponytail for a day, wear heels. For me at least, it reminds me of the woman who's still in the comfort and spill-proof bedecked clothes, reminds me that age is so much more than a number, and that feeling pretty isn't anything to denigrate.