Hmm- a sermon on what?

Friends, we all slept or stayed quiet until 7am this morning. Unprecedented and utterly fabulous. We actually had to wake Jack up! Will wonders never cease?! Anyway, it's another gorgeous day here and I am spending pretty much all of it at home, cleaning, organizing and resting. Sounds like heaven to me. It's possible that I had an illicit dream involving Jon Hamm, January Jones and myself last night that I can mull over during all that...

On the way home from drop-off this morning, I passed a neighborhood church whose sign lets everyone know the upcoming sermon titles. This Sunday, parishioners will be hearing about "God as a hard-working maid."

People, on a number of levels this strikes me as a title they need to rethink.

For starters, the word maid sounds both pejorative and antiquated, like oriental. The undertones just don't seem positive. I think housekeeper sounds nicer. Also, it's my opinion that most "maids" are hard-working; I mean, the job is laborious, plain and simple. So do we need the disclaiming adjective in the sermon name? Furthermore, if I were God it's possible I would find the likening of myself to a maid a bit bothersome being that I made the universe and all. I have an immense amount of respect for housekeepers, but creator of all the world and maid of it don't seem to fit hand in hand to me. Might God not have folks he can delegate to?

I'm just sayin.