Hit by a car, busted by Siri, abominable customer service = you have to laugh

So today has been slightly challenging, and I have a bitchin' headache. For starters, it feels like we're living on the sun's surface here in DC. It is mofo hot, and you know me and my Louisiana blood: I can stand a lot of hot weather. But the past few days of 90s and skeeters are bringing me down. Did y'all see that recent study showing that increased temperatures caused by climate change are likely to fuel violence in those countries most affected? I get that, man. When it's SO hot for SO long, people feel stretched, their fuses are shorter. Add challenging elements like poverty or unstable electricity provision and you've got an even greater potential for trouble. In any case, after taking Jack to have his palate expander installed -he looks part droid and loves every bit of it; he even loved getting the thing put in; I have to crank it for the next 14 days- I submitted a simple request to Mpix, the online service I always use when I print photographs, for a receipt that showed I'd paid in full. Their email receipts show the charge but not a zero balance, as I'm submitting this receipt to school for reimbursement, I need one that demonstrates proof of payment. My first reply from DanR was a copy of the receipt I already have. I wrote him back, explained the situation and asked for a more complete receipt.

DanR: "Your credit card was charged for the entire order or you would have no way to submit the order."

Me: "I understand, Dan. But the reimbursements aren't usually accepted if the receipt doesn't clearly show a zero balance or PAID. This email receipt does neither. Is there any way you can simply add the word paid to the bottom of my receipt?"

DanR: "Have you taken your bank statement to your school to show them the charges?"

Me, feeling unusually sassy: "You're kidding me, right? This is a pretty basic request. I'll be happy to speak to someone else about this of you can pass me along."

I have since received no response nor can I locate a phone number anywhere on the Mpix site.


Whilst dealing with DanR, I got into my car to go pick up the boys. About 12 feet from my house, a ponytail in a minivan runs into me. WHAM!


I look into my rear-view and see her flapping her arms like an insane, gesticulating bird. Yes, chacha, I understand that was probably an accident, but still. I pull over, she pulls over, I get out, she leans out of her window, and sings "I'm sure I didn't hit you hard." I was so mad at DanR that I just yelled, "be careful for pete's sakes," got back in my car, my phone dropped into an open cup of water, that managed to activate Siri just as I said "stupid b&*()*^@*&)" (because yes, road rage is a real vice of mine and DanR and Ponytail were throwing me challenges on a day I didn't need them) and Siri says, "that doesn't sound good."

"Oh my god, I've been called out by Siri," I thought and had to chuckle.

As soon as we returned home, I put a bottle of white in the fridge for this evening and planted the kids in front of Busytown Mysteries. We've gotta be somewhere at 5, and when we get home around 6:15, I am puttin' my feet up!