Hilariously random audience last night

I cannot even tell you what an eclectic, eccentric group of folks turned out for the Counting Crows concert last night, and not just for the lawn seats! We had great, 9th row, center-right seats and though thrilled to have them, did feel as if we'd been placed on a moving walkway, so consistent was the foot traffic in and out of our aisle. My friend and I and the couple next to us were baffled, and slightly irritated, by the nearly constant standing/pulling in our legs/watching out for our water/purses/etc. To the immediate left of my friend was a woman -late 60s/early 70s- dressed in a pink tank top bedecked with large rosebuds and sparkles. Her hair was a rather short, permed crop and the front quarter of it was dyed an extremely bizarre shade of orange. A few rows up and to our left -front and center!- was a man who was so out-of-body moved by the concert that he was finally evicted from his seat because his expansive (ridiculous?) arm movements, body swaying and profuse sweating must have been just too much to deal with for those right around him. You could tell that he was singing at the top of his lungs and trying so desperately hard to connect in any way with the band. His arms and hands kept shooting out from his torso like torpedoes. Dressed in red, he vaguely resembled an insane spiderman as certain gestures reminded us of Spidey's web-shooting motions. It was truly strange, and when we left, he was sitting rather forlornly off to the side, chastened (by force I imagine) and subdued.

It also seemed to be wear-shorts-that-resemble-thong-panties night which kinda made me feel grateful that I'm not going to have to deal with daughter wardrobes. Good god, these shorts were obscene, and I am definitely not a prude. I wear 3" inseam shorts not infrequently but those do not show my cheeks or more. There was a heavyset woman walking with a cane and she had the hairiest lady-legs I've seen in quite some time. A teen boy in front of us, wearing one of those poser-hipster hats over locks I hope my sons never want, picked his wedgie all night long, and I really just wanted to lean over and suggest some new underwear. Finally, there was a young girl who seemed to be dancing to a concert other than the CC. How anyone could be that off-rhythm, consistently, long-term, is beyond me. I was happy she was enjoying herself, but my friend and I just could not get over how off-beat she was.

Mon dieu, it was nuts. But, the concert was great, and we were glad to have an evening out.

My sore foot and I just made it through Pilates, and I've got one hour of empty-house left before picking up Ol. Off to redress the stitches and cook something!