Here's what I think

No-nonsense Dawg here... 1) People need to Get.A.Grip. about the weather. Literally and figuratively (in warmer climes), get a grip. If you have a home, which the people watching the hyperbolic weatherpeople likely do, one day of 3[deg] is not a naked death sentence in the Arctic. Is it cold? Yes it is. But good lord. Fairfax County canceled school today because of cold. COLD! I would like to thank the boys' school for not cancelling school. Keeping recess indoors is definitely reasonable on such a cold day, but to not have school?? What the hell? Get a grip and be thankful you have shelter. Otherwise, go help someone who doesn't. And whatever you do, please don't go all Donald Trump and mock the people who believe in climate change: "global warming?! Hah! What idiots! Who can believe in climate change when it's this cold?" I do admit to being glad I no longer live in Chicago; with all respect Chicagoan pals.

2) I cannot abide by fruit in concert with chocolate, especially raspberry-chocolate anything. Gadzooks! Too sweet; cloying; ick; way to downgrade both the chocolate and the fruit. It's like coconut in granola. Egads!!!

3) I made the ugliest dinner ever on the books, in the world, tonight, and frankly, it wasn't that good either. Cubed eggplant turned into baba ganoush turned into puree turned into burgers with dissonant seasonings turned into some weird frittata atop pita and arugula. If you were blindfolded and fed, it's possible you would think this was average, but to be served and then have to deal with it?? Yikes!! And know when to call in a pizza.

4) Who's heard of the iPotty? This is such an abomination of a product. Way to link bathroom time to complete ignorance of your body and its functions. Way to turn all small beings into men whose "constitutionals" are nothing more than ludicrous excuses to read multiple chapters of anything. Do I think I'd kill for a babysitter sometimes? Yes. In those times of need would I instead sit my kids on this? Hell no.