Hear ye, hear ye: Em-i-lis updates in the New Year

Friends, family, readership, lend me your ears! Though I did not manage to leave the house today (neither did Jack; at 6p, we looked at each other and said, "Yikes, we stayed inside ALL day. Even Ol went out to a movie!"), I did take two naps (I'm telling you, effing hormones!) and have a marvelous first-of-the-year class with my writing group. I was so excited to hear their voices AND drank a seriously caffeinated cup of tea though at the time this was unbeknownst to me; in concert, these things led to a wildly hypertalkative call from my end, and ladies, let me just say again, "I love ya!" Sorry about the verbal deluge! We talked about our goals and hopes and plans and dreams, and I wished aloud for more interaction with you all, dear readers. L observed that my Em-i-lis Facebook page seemed more alive in the comments department than did Em-i-lis itself. The other L wondered if that might be because my blog's comment area was minimalist and thus took effort to find and utilize. Excellent points women! And so I suggested to tech-husband T that I hire a wordpress expert to quickly make all this come to pass, and, as I suspected, he refused. Mr. Tech can DO it.

And so he has. You may now easily comment by clicking on the Comment Here link above or below any given post. As well, you'll note better integration with Em-i-lis' Facebook page. Let me know what you think, what you'd like to read more or less of, and please be in touch. You all are 50% of why I write this blog, so let me hear from you, and I promise to write back!