Heading home tomorrow, the calla on the last day

Everyone but my little foursome left today. Flash flood warnings in DC made staying in sunny NC an easy choice, so we took full advantage of one last day: to the recycling center; the bookstore (where, I'll tell you, Oliver had the most magnificently ludicrous meltdown about the fact that he wanted me to buy him both a stuffed fox -"Foxy"- and a stuffed Pete the Cat. I said we were there to buy books, thank you very much, and he could certainly not have two stuffed animals and the Wonder Woman cup he also wanted because how those three items would amuse him in the car for seven hours tomorrow escaped me. He swore six ways to Sunday that in fact those would completely keep him engaged but I know better so forced him to choose one. Tears, a deluge of aggrieved tears. Pleas, promises, WHYS, and so forth, but I prevailed, he chose Foxy, J meanwhile ended up with four books (smart kid) and Oliver now says he loves Foxy more than anything, even Pete.); to Jungle Rapids for miniature golf; when we got rained out after 8 holes of mini golf due to a passing shower we got comped for the arcade so next stop, the arcade; PTs Grille (again) for lunch; the market; the boating shop; home; back to the boating shop because J forgot his beloved and new Pokemon book at said shop; to the couches while the boys watched an absurd amount of Pokemon on the iPad; to the beach for one last hurrah; back home for baths/dinner/packing/mayhem; and now, mercifully, to bed. It was, for the most part, extremely fun. I love miniature golf and sank two holes in one which shocked everyone. Jack was so impressed. I got slammed into the sand by a great wave and now have an unattractive brush burn on my rump but it was great anyway. Tom ate the last of the birthday cake but I didn't care because A) I snuck all those bites earlier, and B) I really like him. And I am seriously enjoying a new book my brother-in-law gave us, American Pie by Peter Reinhart. For you cooks out there, you might recognize his name as one of the bread making masters of the universe. This book is about an obsession with pizza that took him all over the US and Italy and includes some fabulous recipes that I intend to try pronto. Thus far, it's a complete delight.

On this last, lovely night, isn't this calla lily just spectacular?


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