Happy update, Lillet rosé, bedtime approaches, thanks

Readers, I was THRILLED to hear from my always-informed, beautiful friend, Donna, that the six year old Afghan girl I wrote about yesterday has been released from her repayment marriage because a kindly donor paid her father's debt. No one seems to feel 100% that ultimately the repayment will be honored without her having to marry the random older guy, but we can remain thankful for Samaritans and hopeful that the deal stands. However, the awful realization is that most of these girls don't have articles written about them and don't have generous folks saving them from living hells. Lillet rosé is the greatest aperitif because you pour it, cold, over an ice cube and serve. I mean, it literally could not be simpler to start your evening off right. If you want to put in some effort and go fancy, you can garnish the glass with a slim wedge of ruby grapefruit but that's not necessary.

My dear friend, CF, mother of two precious girls who, nevertheless, fray her nerves because she's with them all the time (C is a wonderful, at-home mom; no, I don't mean that she's wonderful only because she stays at home, I mean that she is a wonderful mom and one who stays at home with her kids) as the boys do mine, both felt beyond frazzled by 3pm today. It was exceedingly fortunate that we parked next to each other at carpool because we laugh-cried hysterically for about ten minutes. It was the best medicine. I know that right now, she is as excited about bedtime approaching as am I. Our kids are real talkers. Mine, for example, did not, ever, stop talking today even when I asked them to and finally exhausted me by playing-singing an extremely loud game-song in the shower called "YOU BUMP YOUR BUTT, YOU BUMP YOUR PENIS." I didn't ask or investigate.

With the greatest, most heartfelt sincerity, I would like to thank all of you, those I know and those I've never met, who wrote to wish Em-i-lis a happy 2nd birthday. Your thoughts were insanely loving and kind, and hearing from you meant the world to me.