Happy Jack

Does he look thrilled, or what?!On our walk home, we came across this lovely gate, slightly ajar, opening into a perfectly manicured yard.

The kids are having the best time, and it's been wonderful to see Jack, usually a paragon of caution, so comfortable and carefree on the beach, despite the waves. He's been tossed around quite a bit and just goes back for more. Unfortunately, we've realized how much Oliver still needs to be in a crib. As soon as we tuck him in, for nap or night, he climbs out and wreaks havoc around the room and on Jack. His attitude by late afternoon is, as you might expect, unsavory. This morning, he woke Jack up around 5:40; finally Jack acquiesced to getting out of bed to play with Ol, and T and I returned to a haze of slumber. Who knows how long later we overheard Oliver ask  to do something, and Jack replied, "not with that attitude!" Wonder where he's heard that before. :)