Happy Anniversary, Em-i-lis

Today, Em-i-lis is 1! What a delightful, exciting, fulfilling year this has been. Through this site, I have made new friends, become reacquainted with old ones and connected with so many of you in new and deeper ways. I have made time to write - giving voice to a voice about which I was curious - become an infinitely more capable and adventurous cook, started Em-i-lis catering, learned a ton and shared more than a few laughs, both virtual and "bricks and mortar." As well, I have discovered a format which finally makes me excited to journal about my days. Though I am really a pen-and-paper kind of gal at heart (newspaper in hand, no Kindle or Nook for me), the diary was never a commitment I could keep, and it was with sadness, regret and some casual chastisement of self that I packed away each beautifully adorned yet mostly empty journal. No more!

Through this regular journaling, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself- what makes me tick, where my limits lie, courage I do and don't have, priorities I value, obligations I don't. Your thoughts and feedback, always welcome gifts, have been especially appreciated in this realm of heightened self-knowledge, and it is with that gratitude that I toast you, my dear readers, my husband and boys, and the future of Em-i-lis. Chin-chin! Saluti!