Grinches at the store, are you a good cart citizen?

People, it is the holiday season, and while I know it's hectic and can be stressful, I have encountered an awful lot of really scroogey folks in recent days. Get a cocktail, do some yoga, or hide your vile feelings a little better. Good grief. An older woman bashed my grocery cart on purpose this morning and then snarkily said, "oh excuse me..." in this completely BS voice. The Grinches were in abundance at the market, but Mom, Ol and I could not be dissuaded from our festive feelings. Are you a good grocery cart citizen? By which I mean, do you return your carts to the collection area? T is, but I must be honest in admitting that I am only so about 60% of the time. I feel vexed about this behavior but not, so far, so much that I've changed my ways. A New Year's resolution perhaps?

In the kitch today we are in the process of or will be making, cheese and sausage balls, gumbo, garlic bread, a French silk pie and fresh ricotta. Our old family friends arrive en masse this afternoon, and we are all excited! Hope you are all well.