Gratitude and almost-tears

Today is Grandparents and Special Friends Day at the boys' school. Tom's parents are in Peru, mine are coming up in just two weeks, my grandmother who was supposed to come got sick, and so the boys and I went enthusiastically down the Special Friends path. Jack immediately chose my dear friend, Gay, who lives here in D.C. Actually, he asked her more than a month ago because he really wanted to seal the deal with her as his date. Gay and I met in Pilates four years ago, and I have loved her and our friendship ever since. She has grandkids of her own but has lovingly welcomed my boys into her fold. In first grade, Jack interviewed her for his "interesting-cool person" assignment, and recently, he happily took a book on Japanese art she was giving away. They have a very sweet connection.

Oliver had invited my grandmother and when she got sick, he said his next most special friend was Mr. Glenn, the father of a boy in J's class and on his baseball team. Since it was Tuesday evening, I was not sure this would be possible, but Glenn said he would be honored to attend, and Ol was thrilled. I was touched to tears that Glenn would make the time to do this.

Today, when I drove up to school to drop Gay off, there was Glenn. I hugged and thanked him and introduced him to Gay. He said, "Actually, I really want to thank you because my son doesn't have anyone here today and now in some way, he does. I can't be with him, but I am here." Almost crying at this point, I then nearly went over the edge when Gay said, "Well, I'll adopt your son today because isn't he in Jack's class?"

At that point I was grateful to have to get back in my car, because I almost lost it. I drove home in a state of appreciative bliss, thinking about how all these kindnesses and friends came together in an even more beautiful way than they had already. These sorts of connections, full of generosity, girded by grace, are such incredible moments and treasures. It's worth keeping in mind just what a big impact seemingly small actions can have.