This morning I am filled with gratitude, in part because of the incredibly meaningful responses I've received about the reflections I share with you here at Em-i-lis. While I usually feel confident about what I post, writing only about that which is worthy of sharing and not too private, I did wonder about the emotionality of yesterday's piece describing my meltdown during Oliver's first day. However, I have received so many wonderful notes of thanks, support, and 'I hear you, sister'; these mean the world to me, and I am grateful that my writing resonates with you. Thank you for reading, thank you for writing. I am also terribly thankful that I was able to schedule a massage for this evening. My neck/shoulders/upper back have become an alternate life form parasitically sucking energy away at a rapid pace. Damn migraines, this deluge and stress. And damn that Fiano for not curing me last night. Hah!