Good morning

Do you know what happened yesterday?!? T's parents emailed around 2:30p, asking if the boys wanted to go over and play AND offering to keep them overnight. Though T and the kids were having a grand time playing baseball in the back yard, this opportunity was too good to pass up: a dozen people were coming for the potluck a few hours later, and T and I really needed a good night's sleep. Off they went, and what a treat it was to ready for the party in peace, not worry about our decibel level AND sleep in. After an incredibly lovely and pleasurable fete with friends, T and I watched Bill Maher from Friday night (sadly the season finale), and then I took every anti-cough, anti-congestion med I could find (safely of course, peeps), slept in the basement and didn't wake until nearly 9. Amazing!

The nearly two hours since have been so deliciously lazy and quiet. T made me a beautiful latte,  I enjoyed two muffins and our still clean house, finally sorted my recipes into the now distinct categories of Salads and Side Dishes (check it out), and am about to retire to the couch with the Times. Bliss. Aren't these flowers to die for? I swear I think I sometimes host parties just to have an excuse to buy beautiful fleurs for my home!