Go away you gross lurkers

Yesterday, I was repulsed and upset to find that several folks visited my site because their disgusting web search for "naked children" brought them to my recent post about my boys and their cousins reveling in childhood innocence which found its expression one night last weekend in the removal of all clothing. I have changed the title of that post and will likely remove the picture soon despite the fact that I've received so many comments about what a blissful photo of unabashed childhood it is. It reminds healthy people of the joys of feeling unencumbered by body image and societal dictums of propriety. It brings us back to our childhoods and the delightful silliness of youth. So to all you gross perverts trying to get off on photos of kids, my site is NOT FOR YOU. Don't return and don't enter despicable search terms into my search bar. I will try to find you and report you and block you. Do you hear me? I hope so. Go get some help; you need it.