Garden discoveries

What day is it? Does it matter?Anyway, after getting the boys to school and swearing I'd come home and nap, I did not. No, I just had to do some more gardening, and boy am I glad I did. I had somewhat given up on my Red Runner Beans but just look at this handful, and there are more out there. My aunt Renee sent me some of these to plant, and they just grow like the wind. When you shell them, they're a beautiful magenta color and so delicious. I also got a few more tomatoes that have grown despite the recent cold.

And, there is a darling cat family in one of my back corners. People, who can resist kittens? Not I. Percy was doing his there's-an-invader moan, and then I heard a vicious hiss. Lo, a mother cat was guarding three darling kittens. So I shooed Percy inside and left a bowl of milk for the cats. From my window, I can see them all drinking it and romping under the bushes. Don't tell Tom, but I hope I can adopt them as yard pets.