Friday thoughts (of variable consequence)

If you, like me, enjoy eating pie straight from the pie plate, do not put the saran wrap back on until you are exceedingly sure that you are done with that last bite. I mean, swallow that puppy before you recover the dish. Otherwise, the pie on your fork WILL fall onto the saran wrap -even if it's the only bite that's fallen from your utensil- which you will have to scrape off while cursing the fact that not only is the saran wrap now sticky on both sides but also valuable bits of your bite are now not going to make it into your mouth. Do you, like me, wonder why Sophia Bush is famous? Equally important, why does she always make this face? Doesn't she worry that one day her mouth is going to start defaulting into that expression?

If you, like me, are sick of squirrels nibbling away at the festive pumpkins you have invariably placed in front of your home, put a plastic snake just by them. I swear to you this works. The squirrels want the pumpkins but not so much that they'll risk being smacked by a snake! They are such destructive little bastards- gotta get 'em when we can.