Friday the 13th, indeed

Today has not been a real good one. The drivers around here are out of control; I mean, seriously, their skills seem to have gone the way of our warm weather. I have had goosebumps since we returned from Italy. Naturally, just before we left (at which time we were wearing shorts), I packed away all my winter gear in a wonderful fit of organization. Since our return, then, I've been cobbling together random 3/4-length sleeve shirts and feeling kinda validated in my decision to purchase two jackets in Florence. But I refuse to wear socks in April -it's just not right, except at night,- am tired of feeling chilled, and my garden does not know what the sam hill is going on. The greens love it but many others plants are all foliage and no flowers. Not the norm. So back to the damn drivers. They're making me nuts: one guy almost plowed into me this morning just after Jack and I had picked up a carpool buddy, and not three hours later, I saw a mother and child crouching on the sidewalk, their car smashed to an incredible degree, an ambulance nearby. It gave me chills, and I desperately hope they are both OK. Verizon changed our IP address but didn't tell us that, hence the Em-i-lis shutdown beyond my control all morning. Oliver didn't nap and was raising Cain for a while. Jack is sad that the girls in his class are starting to think boys are "yucky," and really, it is hard to explain what's going on. We think my Nanny had a stroke, and Tom's grandmother was just admitted to the hospital.

I'm having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. My Mom says some days are like that, even when you're 35.