Taking ones heels out for a dance

I have been sweating since yesterday, almost without reprieve. It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Because of said heat, I wore as little as professionally possible to a school event tonight; it is during times like these that I fall in love with strappy stilettos (tonight, ostrich-colored nubuck with a marvelous nubuck-patent flourish on the heel) and sleeveless dresses all over again.



Upon thinking about it further, it seemed both accurate and marginally sad that school events are where I take my heels -n- dresses out to play. Perhaps I really should get out more, but when? Instead of applying fresh make-up at 6p, I'm usually slipping on pjs with absolute happy relief.

I'm just a mom on the parents association I guess. A mom who has a whole lot of beautiful heels that deserve more attention than they get and so, for now, the school walkways will be my catwalks.

I am starting to twitch with longing to slow down and get back in my kitchen. Soon, I hope. Soon. September is as bonkers as May always is, so while I'm enjoying things back-to-school, I'm also eager for late September and its slower pace to usher in fall.

Look at this handsome guy! Caught him mid-lick this afternoon. What a fine feline specimen.