Forgot to take picture, recipe posted, crazy busy

So sad that because of the forced alarm clock at 6am we just can't (or pay royally if we do) party like the old times. It's not that I party a lot, but sometimes it'd be nice to be able to and then sleep it off the next day. Sigh. Ah well. The potluck last night was such a blast, and it's a gorgeous day here today. Despite my suspicions that four errands was way too much of a morning for O and me, I schlepped him out anyway. T and J went to violin, art detectives and are now at a G'town basketball game- go Hoyas. So O and I went out, and thank god the nursery had cookies and apple cider in the holiday decorations area. Whew- that saved me. He really is such a good little guy though, and all In all, we had a lovely date. I became inspired and decided I must make a gorgeous wreath today; now I'm feeling some buying remorse and a slight bit of anxiety as a) I've never made a wreath and b) do I really have the time? That's a negative, ghostrider. We'll see how this mission goes. In the meantime, I am sorry to say that I completely forgot to photo the gorgeous salmon, potatoes and mushrooms last night but imagine a beautiful, pink side of salmon and the veggies slicked with freshly ground rosemary, salt, pepper and olive oil. It was so pretty and so good. I just had the little bit of leftovers for lunch and felt seriously happy to have them. The recipe is posted if you're interested.

Off to make some cranberry sauce.