Exceedingly deep thoughts on a Wednesday. Just because.

  1. I am so heavily intro quatrefoil right now, it's obscene. But it's so pleasing, so orderly, so elegant...how can I resist?
  2. If you name your child something phonetically challenging -in the context of its mother tongue- you should be required to provide a pronunciation key at every opportunity. Is it Lee-ton Meester? Lay-ton? (And really, that's only the beginning.) I don't expect to know how to pronounce most Irish names. I would like to know about flipping Leighton.
  3. It is my heartiest belief that you should always wash your feet before bedtime. It is so nice to tuck clean pups under the covers. Try it! You'll be a convert if you're not already a believer.
  4. Lavender-colored hair is a no. Plain and simple. There is no gray area here (hah).
  5. It is the rare couple that meets and gets married by 22 and stays together. I'm just saying, oh, 80% of Hollywood. Chill.
  6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Mary-Kate Olson: can each of you please, for the love of anything and everything remotely holy in this world, PLEASE make a different expression with your mouth?
  7. Candles that cost in the tens of dollars are an outrage. Do you know that Bond No. 9 sells one for $110? Unbelievably, despicably precious. Also, the thing -bottle? jar?- it comes in looks like a Play-Do canister.