Em-i-lis(t) of the day

1) I really do not understand the weird toe-shoes things, especially at the gym where they appear to have become quite popular. They're a little too animalistic for me. Blech. 2) I cannot understand the 10 car/multi-minute line to get into the new Safeway in Bethesda. Is it that thrilling? There are a number of Safeways around here.

3) Did you see the recent article and picture in the NYT Arts section about Christopher Hitchens? I did NOT recognize him! He's such a brilliant writer, and I feel sad that he's so sick.

4) Johnny Depp is still hot! But why so many tatts?

5) Zooey Deschanel is adorable, and I want her eyes.

6) Elizabeth Warren got robbed from leading the CFPB but hopefully she will be Massachusetts' next senator!