Em-i-lis(t) of the day

After a pretty much sleepless night due to the children and a musical bed situation and the fact that mom is leaving today, I am in a pretty snarky mood.Thus, a new list of things I find quite peeving:

1) when people leave faucets on: wasteful! no good! 2) crappily made pump dispensers and spray bottles 3) drivers who, upon seeing long lines of traffic, race up the shoulder and cut in- a) you aren't fooling anyone, and b) I think this behavior is evidence of an underlying character flaw 4) Congress: particularly the enormous number of sanctimonious, intransigent, imperious Tea Partiers/Repubs who don't give a rat's butt about most Americans, including most of their constituents, and who seem to have a really dysfunctional relationship with the truth, as well as the concurrent seeming pitifulness of the many Dems who appear unwilling to stand firmly behind anything. 5) the number of calories in most good food in tandem with the slowing metabolism that age brings and sleep deprivation furthers.