Early Christmas with T's parents

This afternoon, T's parents came over for an early Christmas together. They're headed to CT tomorrow to celebrate T's grandmother's 90th birthday on Monday so we wanted to get together beforehand. I made a pot of gumbo and a salad, warmed a good baguette, put out some buffalo butter and then a plate of  holiday cookies. The boys tore into their gifts, thrilled to be opening some early. How cool are these Bat chairs!?

boys in their bat chairs

Dinner was delicious, and I received a waffle maker which I am super excited about and plan to christen at breakfast tomorrow! In college, there was one dorm on campus - Foster-Walker- that served chocolate waffles once or twice a week. On those mornings, it was as if the ants had been called home to the colony; students trekking to this dining hall of single mind and purpose. I've got these memories in mind as I head into tomorrow's maiden voyage with the waffle iron.