Dreaming of school's resumption

People, summer has seemed insanely busy and, at times, interminable. Who can believe we've got nearly two weeks left before school resumes?! I am finding myself increasingly chagrined by that fact, especially since Ol's first day back is from, wait for it, 9am - 10am. Really?! One measly hour. It's not like I live upstairs and so can actually do anything with that time. I.am.over.summer. Today, per this new usual, was nuts. Granted, much of it I quite enjoyed -Pilates! working in the libe at J's school! seeing a friend and her precious kids!- but it involved quite a bit of scurrying from place to place, and I felt like I was always just late which is terribly unlike me. In fact, T and I are such nerds about punctuality (though I think this is a good thing) that often joke and call ourselves the Punctuossis. I told you it was nerdy.

Percy pug went in for a full-scale dental cleaning today, so toxic was his breath I simply could not stand it anymore. If ever you need a major challenge in your life, just try to brush a pug's teeth. You might experience your biggest failure. We never have any luck, so finally I decided we had to pay for it. Anesthesia, the works. Turns out he had to have one tooth extracted and six others bonded or something. Typical for pugs but not remotely typical for my daily expenditure. Good god! I must say he is extremely calm right now though, and there's nothing wrong with one male in the house not being fully kinetic.

The wine is chilling, friends, it really is.