Dog dressage?

People, I slept in the basement last night to get a "great night's rest" in anticipation of today. The kids are with T's parents so I was hoping for the mystical eight hours. Instead, I have been up for an hour already (it's 6:34a right now) because Needy Cat pawed and mewed at my door quite pitifully until I relented and opened up.

We snuggled sweetly for five minutes and then he went Hyde and attacked me like a hungry caiman. Meanwhile Perenially Pesky Pug was up and at 'em, and that means you've only got a short while until he decides to pee on the couch. I wobbled out of bed, let him out and watched with confused irritation as he romped around the yard as if he were on the most complicated of dressage courses. He looked frantic, as if he'd suffer sphincter fail at ANY moment. Good lord, dog! Just poop!

Tom is still snoring peacefully upstairs. Of that you can be sure!