Dismal'ish day is done

There isn't too much I can say about today that's either interesting or terribly positive, so let's leave it at that and say yay that it's rapidly drawing to a close. I don't even know if I mentioned this, but in addition to my cruddy plague, Oliver was recently diagnosed with a double ear infection so has been on antibiotics, and today, Jack woke up with a high fever, had to miss camp, we went back to the doctor and came away empty-handed. Viruses are one of any parent's least favorite parts of their kids' childhoods. Mr. J, my sweet love, is a bad mix of whiny baby crossed with a mean bear when he's ill. He handled the penile injury with infinitely greater bravado and humor than he ever does a crappy cold, and I will tell you that after a final, irritating as all get-out, made me feel awfully lucky to have a sitter at literally that moment, argument over his refusal to take the Advil we did have (he was feverish and shaking with chills) because it was the wrong flavor, I finished packing with an enthusiasm I don't often feel for this preparatory task. Chicago, here I come!

I am in bed now, armed with a half Ambien on the one hand and an alarm clock in the other. 5am will come quickly, and my cab shortly thereafter. Before I tucked in though, I went to kiss my sweeties. It was a rough day with J and I needed to sit with him in silence, appreciating him for all he is, letting my heart fill again, beyond capacity, with all the love and pride I feel for my darling, kind, smart little boy. And then to Ol, funny, funny Ol. Tool sheet was banished to the floor tonight -a first!- and Wrenchie took the vaunted spot in bed. I love his handsome mouth, his precious chin and its "nimple" as he used to call it. I kissed them both, held them tight, whispered love letters in their ears and to immortalize it all, snapped these sweet photos.

DSC_4341 DSC_4342

To bed I go, from BlogHer '13 I will write.