Last night's pie, on the train, funny This pizza was absolute perfection, and I'm not embarrassed to say that T and I polished off the whole pie while watching last Friday's Real Time. Bill is now taking five weeks off, and I will miss him dearly and long for RT's return in September.

Anyway....we are almost to New York, and again I am struck by how much nicer, in pretty much every way, train travel is when compared to its air-based kin. Just imagine if our trains were like those in Europe! T is snoozing, I read the whole paper, managed to get down to 90 unread emails, and looked at the photos of BlogHer '13 that were just posted. That was such a great conference. While perusing the pics, it was easy to spot the fashion bloggers which reminded me of the person on Day 1 who, after admiring my shoes (which were awesome!), asked ME if I were just that. Hahahahaha- Em-i-lis a fashion blogger. Indeed, no, but thank you SO much for thinking I could be such.

Greenmarket here I come!!!