Carlsbad: outlets, more beach, Amy

We made our way to Carlsbad by way of the outlet mall; hey, we couldn't check in until 3 and if you've ever read Em-i-lis, you know how I love my fashion even though I spend 90% of my time in PJs or clothes like them. If I were of insane wealth I would shop and dress all the time. The fabrics, the cuts, the classics, the edgy. Gah!!!  And today did I score today or what!?!?!??!? Oh my god people. I was in a full-on, hardcore, otherworldly, crack-type reverie for a good half hour over a pair of Isabel Marant heels and a Barney's skirt I snapped up for absurdly good prices. T thinks the shoes are ludicrous and verging on ugly, but I know the truth and that is that they rock. ROCK!! Then to Target where oddly enough, J, O and I all had gift cards. I bought Wild by Cheryl Strayed, J purchased Battleship, and Ol became so overwhelmed in the Star Wars section that he dissolved into tears and decided he had to wait until another time to spend his credit. Poor darling, he was positively flummoxed as to whether an Anakin to Darth figure with a color-change light saber and sound effects was worth the entirety of his card. It took every parenting skill T and I had to successfully leave the store with an intact Ol. Fortunately we've heard no mention of the toy since. We have played Battleship about 85 times!

Amy brought her daughter and the baby up to visit us, and I nearly cried because I remember when Emma was born, nearly seven years ago, and I've longed to meet her since. She is beautiful and cool, and she and Jack were thick as thieves in the ocean before she and Ol bonded in a bubble bath afterwards. Amy and I just kept looking at each other like, "Oh isn't this WONderful? And how amazing would it be if we could all spend more time together!" I hereby declare San Diego as our annual Spring Break spot as an idea!

Look at this hole I dug, and look at these happy kids!