Book date, oh my

After camp today, I took the boys to the Grands' house with me (they love them) and then we went for frozen yogurt and to the bookstore for a book date (bowling was cancelled because our sweet friends, whom we were supposed to meet at the alley, tested their mother's nerves just a bit too much this morning and so lost the privilege of our outing; good for you, mama!!). Anyway, at the bookstore, each of my loves got to choose one book and after no deliberation, Oliver chose Polite as a Princess. Jack spent twenty minutes in flux because there was no hardback copy of Harry Potter #4, The Goblet of Fire to be found so what to do: order or choose another? He opted for Socks, by Beverly Clearly, which thrilled me because Ramona Quimby, Ellen Tebbits, Otis Spofford and so forth are some of my best childhood literary memories. Regarding Oliver's choice, he has come to the Princess love a bit later than did Jack, but a) I think it's darling, and b) why on earth would I argue against purchasing a book about being polite?! On the contrary, I was thrilled and we read it three times before bedtime.

Twenty minutes ago, I went in to check on the kids and found Polite as a Princess tucked under Ol's pillow. This was rather endearing because he'd made a big to-do about putting it on his  bookshelf  before bed, as if he weren't dying to sleep with it. I wonder if I'd even closed the door before he snuck out and fetched it for a sleep-mate. Anyway, I kissed Jack, who sleeps like a hibernating bear, and then went into Ol's room to kiss him. He awoke, said he was thirsty, drank a big glass of water, looked at me beatifically and puked all over about six times. Oh lordy, say it with me, "it is always something."

I washed his feet and hands, Tom brushed his teeth, I tucked him back in bed with PaaP under his pillow. I think it is Camp Mommy tomorrow. And with that I bid you goodnight!