Binders Full of Women, Personal Space

Have you seen this new blog, Binders Full of Women? Hilarious and so quick (re both timing and wit). My favorites include:

Can we talk a bit about personal space? In my opinion, it is sacred, and in certain places, you just don't breach it. If you do, you're weird or need some socialization. In other instances, some space would surely be nice, and why the eff don't you want it too? Example 1. Oliver and I took Percy for a walk today and went to the ATM to deposit a check.  As I began to enter my PIN, I smelled a strong perfume and heard some breathing immediately behind me. Some freaky woman in black - I think there was some sort of feathered accessory- was standing RIGHT.THERE. Really? Who doesn't understand ATM etiquette? Lest you think you was from Mars, no. She spoke to my dog, calling him Little Beast in a weird, sing-songy American English.

Example 2: Before the previously discussed personal training episode, I was in the locker room putting up my bags and getting water. No one else is around. A woman walks in and which locker does she choose? Out of the hundreds available? The one directly under mine. Really? That's just effing weird, readers. Really strange.