Beasts of the Southern Wild

Mom and I went out to drinks and a movie tonight, and it was really nice. She'd really been wanting to see Beasts of the Southern Wild but it probably won't go to Lake Charles, so I suggested a DC date. We started our evening at Mon Ami Gabi and were delighted to find a three piece band playing Dixieland and jazz. It just doesn't get much better than the bass guitar and a cold glass of rosé. Then we headed to the movie, and I really must say that despite the rave reviews, we left underwhelmed. The actor who plays the father was incredible, but parts of the story just felt off, and we didn't feel connected to most of the characters. In any case, lovely to get out and let T have some time with the boys. They LOVE the playhouse, and we all spent a great deal of time in there today. Fun!