Batman, pizza, Olympics

While I don't much care for beach volleyball, May-Treanor and Walsh-Jennings are veeerrry impressive women. They've never lost a set in the Olympics? Wow! T and I enjoyed Batman- it didn't seem nearly as long as it was, and Christian Bale is insanely hot. Good grief, people. Was the prison near Gotham? If not, and I suspect it wasn't, how in the sam hill did Bain and Batman keep shuttling between the two so quickly? T told me I really needed to suspend some disbelief which is true, but I'm just saying...

We then came home to two happily sleeping boys and grilled a delicious pizza. Tonight I went for kale and green tomatoes, in addition to buff mozz, olive oil and so forth. Yum!

T is SUCH a backseat commentator- I mean, y'all should hear him talking to the TV.