Babies, weddings, Philly, oh my!

I arrived in Philly with the most random assortment of things: hirsute legs; four pairs of shoes (why??); letters that I'd tried to mail since leaving DC (where are all the mailboxes, folks?); a new haircut but no styling products; and so forth. I'm just glad I have the dress I'm wearing to the wedding this evening. During a marvelous dinner out with friends last night, I heard that one my dear pals had had her baby girl. Welcome to the world, sweet Siena! And in just an hour, T and I head off to see a wonderful couple get hitched. Cheers to you, Christine and Jake!

The boys went on a museum crawl -American Indian, Air & Space, Natural History- with my in-laws this morning and really enjoyed themselves. It is exceedingly rare that I take the kids to museums which makes me feel like a really lame parent, but I'm glad for grandparents. Hear, hear T's parents, hear, hear!

What happy occasions, and I'm in a hotel room. It's clean, it's quiet, there are no pets in sight, there is always enough hot water. Heavenly.