The boys' first day was smashing in every way. They love their teachers, were thrilled to be back, loved seeing friends, gobbled lunch (Oliver said, "that kale is SOOOOOO good, and I ate the biggest bowl of cantaloupe ever.") and just seemed all-around happy. Amen, in'shallah, mazel tov, auguri, grazie, etc. I realized today, too, just how much I've missed all my own friends at school, other parents, teachers and administrators alike. It was great to see all their faces and to catch up a bit. After school a big bunch of us went for frozen yogurt, and then I took the boys to purchase a new book each. Jack opted for a National Geographic about snakes while Oliver dove headfirst for Make-Believe Bride, a story about Ariel pining so seriously for Prince Eric that she fake-marries the statue of him that sunk to the bottom of the sea. Conveniently right into a secret grotto that she loves to visit and store random people things in. Good god almighty, people, this book is the pits. I couldn't care less about the princess subject matter, but there is a real difference in quality within that genre.

T is now at his annual (why? WHY?) fantasy football draft, so I've opened a lovely bottle of Pinot and am kicking back. What.to.do.for.dinner. Hmm!

Lastly, a few vacuous thoughts for your amusement:

  • Diana Nyad: cool though intensity kinda scary, and that's coming from a pretty-intensely goal-oriented gal
  • Miley Cyrus: not even a good dancer, and those shoes sucked
  • John McCain: when will he just shut up and go home?
  • online news channels that give you a video-only option make me mad; I just want to read the damn information
  • Dennis Rodman going to N.Korea again? why? WTF?