Jack won 2nd place in his first-ever chess tournament, and his team won 1st. I am bursting with pride. He was so excited and relaxed, and isn't not being saddled with any nerves just fantastic? It is! Jack takes second place in his first chess tournament

This afternoon has been a marvelously zen one. After I got home, I worked in the yard for a while, and then, as I always do when the boys aren't here, threw away pounds of crap (there's really no better word in this instance) that usually, my little hoarders want to keep. Why an empty juice box would ever seem like a treasure is beyond me, but anyway, it's now gone. I did some work for my writing class and have just hit the wall, in a good way. It's nice to recognize and appreciate a productive, happy day and to then be able to stop when your body calls for a cease-fire. Thank you again to my in-laws who are hosting Camp Grandparents for the night. I'm going to have a glass of wine and do that crossword that I've been thinking about since this morning.