A quiet morning

Literally, Tom is still snoring upstairs, but I've had the loveliest morning on my own so far. The house is so, so, unbelievably quiet without the boys here; after their initial rowdiness, even the pets have calmed down. I've gotten much organized for today's Arts Market: boxes of colorful, flavorful, wildly diverse jams/chutneys/pickles/etc wait are stacked and wait patiently by the front door; the bills are organized neatly in my cash box; my Square register is updated and charged; cake stands and serving platters stand at attention; all the baked goodies are tightly wrapped, soon to delight those who indulge in them.

And I'm sitting here, too, savoring a good mug of coffee that won't go cold from neglect today, and enjoying a warm multi-grain bagel spread liberally with cream cheese and seedy raspberry jam. This was my breakfast of choice freshman year of college though I always opted for a sesame bagel then. I remember that one morning, my best friends, first college love and I were sitting in the dining hall eating breakfast. I had my trusty bagel, laden with toppings as I was in the process of assuredly gaining the Freshman some-odd-number, and recall my boyfriend kissing me and then letting me know I had a raspberry seed between my front two teeth. Mortifying but kinda sweet too. Funny how certain memories are triggered by one food or song or place.