A blur

A second babysitter cancelled. Tom is in CA. The cat bit my nose at 5 am. It's cold as balls outside. The dog needs to be walked. Have I brushed my teeth today? Am I late for something? I don't know about those last two. It's distinctly possible that the answers are no and yes, respectively. My U.S. Food System class ends Wednesday, and I've just managed to finish things up. Talk about cutting it close. Good lord. I swear to you, dear readers, never again while the boys aren't in school full-time will I take two classes concurrently. You can hold me to it.

Highlight: The mailman delivered good news to us, and we are all feeling terribly happy. Jack hugged and kissed Oliver, and they did a jig in celebration of knowing they'll be at the same school starting in the fall. That was adorable and dear.

I managed to get some ricotta made though with heavy whipping cream rather than just-your-basic heavy cream as I was out of the latter. This is an unusual item to be missing from my fridge, and I'll remedy that soon. Today's ricotta is delicious but it didn't curd as tightly as the usual. Comforting nonetheless.

Gawd, I've just realized my writing is as jumpily staccato as has been my day.

Wine tonight.