2! dates with gal-pals, other drivers

Ok. If you plan to drive in a place with traffic circles, please learn the rules. VA and non-Montgomery Cnty MD peeps, I'm directing this largely at you. If you are attempting to enter a traffic circle (aka rotary or roundabout), you must yield to the drivers already circling within it. You, as the enterer, do not have the rightaway. Going faster does not make your ill-conceived entry plan a better or safer one. Nor does a rainy day. Like today.To the VA lady who cut me off a couple hours ago, forcing me to slam on my breaks in the middle of the Westmoreland traffic circle, you made my heart race, could have caused quite a mess and waving your fingers out the window while slamming on your own breaks and then speeding up, stopping and starting again, didn't make it all better. To the MD driver who jerked off of Western and into the circle before stopping so close to my moving car that I could see your nose hairs, take a load off and read your road rule book. Jesus h.

On another note, what a treat it was to have breakfast with one of my dearest pals and then lunch with another one. You women are fab!